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Tracking a child’s growth is vital in spotting developmental delays early

When building the Bloomers application, it was important that certain features were non-negotiables. Our health tracker, vaccine tracker, and pregnancy tracker were designed to be free because of the important role they play in monitoring a child’s progression at different stages of their development.

These were our building blocks-

Simple and complex:
We needed Bloomers to be simple enough for any mom to understand but still just as complex to document vital health functions that allow mothers to gauge how well their children are growing via our children’s profile features.

Fact Based:
We needed Bloomers to be informative with an in-built system that would let parents know what their kids need at a certain age. Whether it’s notifications that tell moms the type of vaccine their children should get at a certain age, the videos that explain what to expect at various months in pregnancy or the articles that inform moms on developmental milestones their children should be hitting.

Professionally Endorsed:
It was not enough that Bloomers had resources, we needed application to house licensed and credible medical professionals that moms would consult with if they had questions around their children’s growth or general well being.

While we are proud of our achievement so far, as a business with continued dedication to improving quality of life for infants and children, we hope to expand our portfolio of trackers whilst developing the ones we currently have.